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College Football
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Div I - FBSTexas A&M beat Sam Houston St47 - 28
Div I - FCSSam Houston St beat Cal Poly SLO18 - 16
Div I - FCSCal Poly SLO beat North Dakota35 - 17
Div I - FCSNorth Dakota beat S Dakota Tech66 - 0
Div IIS Dakota Tech beat Valley City St39 - 28
NAIAValley City St beat Mayville St38 - 13
NAIAMayville St is better than Ellsworth CCbecause Mayville St beat Dakota-Bottineau 42 - 6
while Ellsworth CC only beat Dakota-Bottineau 33 - 0
NJCAAEllsworth CC beat Ark Baptist29 - 22

Therefore, Texas A&M is better than Ark Baptist in 2012
as shown in 8 rounds by a combined score of 314 - 163.

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