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Ark Baptist
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My Team:
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RankTeamBetter ThanWorse Than
1Florida St29 Rounds12 Rounds
2Auburn31 Rounds13 Rounds
3Michigan St30 Rounds12 Rounds
4South Carolina27 Rounds13 Rounds
5Missouri28 Rounds13 Rounds
6Oklahoma30 Rounds12 Rounds
7Alabama31 Rounds12 Rounds
8Clemson28 Rounds13 Rounds
9Oregon30 Rounds13 Rounds
10UCF28 Rounds12 Rounds
11Stanford29 Rounds13 Rounds
12Ohio St29 Rounds12 Rounds
13Baylor29 Rounds12 Rounds
14LSU30 Rounds13 Rounds
15Louisville29 Rounds12 Rounds
16UCLA30 Rounds12 Rounds
17Oklahoma St29 Rounds12 Rounds
18Texas A&M29 Rounds12 Rounds
19USC29 Rounds12 Rounds
20Notre Dame29 Rounds13 Rounds
21Arizona St30 Rounds13 Rounds
22Wisconsin28 Rounds12 Rounds
23Duke29 Rounds13 Rounds
24Vanderbilt28 Rounds14 Rounds
25Washington30 Rounds12 Rounds

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