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Texas A&M

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RankTeamBetter ThanWorse Than
1Florida St3 Rounds5 Rounds*
2Alabama3 Rounds*1 Rounds*
3Oregon7 Rounds*4 Rounds*
4Mississippi St4 Rounds*1 Rounds*
5TCU6 Rounds*5 Rounds*
6Baylor5 Rounds*5 Rounds*
7Ohio St4 Rounds*4 Rounds*
8Mississippi2 Rounds*1 Rounds*
9Georgia2 Rounds*2 Rounds*
10Michigan St5 Rounds*3 Rounds*
11UCLA7 Rounds*6 Rounds*
12Kansas St2 Rounds*5 Rounds*
13Arizona St7 Rounds*5 Rounds*
14Wisconsin3 Rounds*4 Rounds*
15Arizona6 Rounds*5 Rounds*
16Auburn1 Rounds*2 Rounds*
17Georgia Tech4 Rounds*6 Rounds*
18Marshall1 Rounds6 Rounds*
19Missouri3 Rounds*1 Rounds*
20Utah6 Rounds*4 Rounds*
21Nebraska4 Rounds*4 Rounds*
22Colorado St4 Rounds*7 Rounds*
23Oklahoma3 Rounds*5 Rounds*
24USC5 Rounds*6 Rounds*
25Duke4 Rounds*6 Rounds*

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Games through 11/16/2014.
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